Sunday, March 2, 2008

American Idol Recap: Top 20 Edition

(Wow, I'm uber late this week...sorry about that. I guess I was so irate at the stupidity of America for letting go two of the strongest singers in the competition, while keeping a few weaker individuals. Damn this country!)

The Boys
1. Michael Johns "Go Your Own Way"
I still really like Michael, even if he would be more properly suited for Rock Star: Insert Band Name Here on CBS. This was the perfect song choice and a solid performance, even if his really strange body movements were a bit distracting.

2. Jason Castro "I Just Want to Be Your Everything"
I still really dislike Jason Castro, and it's not just because of his dreadlocks. His intro was annoying (To modify that quote from Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses for my own purposes, "A hippie American Idol contestant who doesn't like playing the Hollywood game and the press, how refreshing") and his performance was mediocre and pretty much the same thing as last week.

3. Luke Menard "Killer Queen"
Less boring than last week but still not particularly memorable. The only thing I remember about him was that his big secret was that he was in an acapella group and I thought to myself, "God, they must have been embarrassed after last week when notes were so out of tune, I noticed!"

4. Robbie Carrico "Hot Blooded"
Exact quote from my notes: "For being so hot blooded, he is incredibly boring." For me, the only pleasure I derived from his entire 5 minute segment was the constructive criticism from Paula Abdul that was surprisingly helpful and lucid.

5. Danny Noriega "Superstar"
WEAK! If you're going to take on this song, you have to go all the way and make it fantastic. It's a surprisingly fragile song and if you're not up to it, "Superstar" will fall apart right in front of your eyes.

6. David Hernandez "Papa Was a Rolling Stone"
David H. was so much better this week that I actually remember him afterwards! His attempts at trying to make this song sound modern were admirable because this song is really stuck in its time period. His voice is pretty nice, although I could have done without that over the top vocal exercise at the end.

7. Jason Yeager "Without Love"
His talent is that he's musical? I never would have guessed since he's made it to the Top 24 on AMERICAN IDOL. Musical talent is kind of a prerequisite. I don't remember anything about this performance so I'll defer to my notes yet again: "This guy makes Corny Collins look subtle."

8. Chikezie "I Believe to My Soul"
This performance was 100 times better than last week and was actually one of my favorites during the night. I hated the two polo look but at least he isn't a complete tool with popped collars.

9. David Cook "All Right Now"
David C. is actually growing on me as the weeks pass because he has one of the strongest male voices. Adding the guitar this week was a great change of pass and makes him seem more authentically "rock" than Robbie.

10. David Archuleta "Imagine"
What balls this kid has. And not just the porn star variety- I'm talking Kelly Clarkson saying "Fuck you" to Clive Davis and doing My December her way. Lucky for David A., the gamble of changing the melody around payed off. And just a quick word about his intro video...he sings "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" from Dreamgirls? Yet another reason why I love this kid so much.

The Girls
1. Carly Smithson "Crazy on You"
Carly has the perfect voice to attack a Heart song (unlike someone later on in the evening) and this turned out quite well. I'm glad her voice is back to 100% because last week was good, but not up to her standards.

2. Syesha Mercado "Me and Mr. Jones"

I like that Syesha is taking chances and showing off her range (slowing it down instead of belting). That said, this performance was good for American Idol but decidedly not in the real world.

3. Brooke White "You're So Vain"

I never would have thought of this song for her, but as soon as she started singing, it immediately clicked. Most definitely the best of the night.

4. Ramiele Malubay "Don't Leave Me This Way"

This girl still really annoys me and this performance definitely didn't sway me in the slightest. She spent too long in the slow section and the rest was nowhere near as good as the original. When will these contestants learn that it's next to impossible to make a disco song your own- they can really only be sung in one way and nothing can compare to them.

5. Kristy Lee Cook "You're No Good"

Boring with a capital B. This performance was like every other second-rate, Martina-wannabe country singer. How can the judges say she is "back" after this dreadful performance?

6. Amanda Overmyer "Carry On Wayward Son"

No matter what anyone says, I loved the fabulously over the top 80's hair. The performance: Not so much.

7. Alaina Whitaker "Hopelessly Devoted to You"

Alaina made this very modern sounding, but still not as quite as good as last week. Another song that is really hard to make your own after the Olivia Newton-John version.

8. Alexandrea Lushington "If You Leave Me Now"

I really enjoyed this obscure song choice and I thought Alexandrea did a fine job with it. Again, not quite as impressive as last week, but it was still a mighty good performance.

9. Kady Malloy "Magic Man"

I always forget who she is until they show her Britney impression and then I'm like "Oh yeah, I LOVE that impression but I don't really remember what she sings like." This is generally a big problem this late in the show and Kady definitely didn't help with this uninspired performance. Her voice is way too weak for a Heart song and she should realize this (it's like Haley Scarnato singing Celine Dion last year....a HUGE no no).

10. Asia'h Epperson "All By Myself"

I'm totally going to pull a Paula and say that she looked beautiful. Back to the notes for this one: "Wow, this is sinking faster than the Titanic"

The Best: David A., Chikezie, Brooke, Carly

Who's Going Home: Luke, Jason Y., Kristy Lee, Kady

Who Went Home: Robbie, Jason Y., Alexandrea, Alaina

Thoughts: A great big "WHAT THE FUCK, AMERICA?!" is all I can really fathom at this point. Sure, Alexandrea and Alaina weren't at the top of their game last night, but most of the other girls certainly weren't either. Kady definitely deserved to go home before either of these two. It's a shame that America and I are playing this love-hate game already.

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