Monday, March 10, 2008

We Only Got 4 Minutes to Save the World

I have finally heard The Madonna's new single "4 Minutes to Save the World" featuring Timbaland and Justin Timberlake and let me just say this: I LOVE IT! It's definitely her strongest single since, I don't know, "Don't Tell Me" or even "Ray of Light" and I predict it's going to be a major hit. It's such a great summer song that I can't see how the radio won't play it. The Madonna is back and better than ever!

Unfortunately, I wish I could say the same about Janet Jackson and her latest album, Discipline. Ever since the bombs that were her last two albums and that whole Nipplegate controversy, I've been hoping Janet would have a return to form and make the comeback of all time. I had hope after her first single, the supremely strange "Feedback," went from, in my mind, "What the fuck?!" to "This shit ain't bad!" to "God I love it!" After hearing the rest of the album though, I was disappointed in the extreme. Every song sounds exactly the same and I don't remember a single one that stood out in any way. I really wish Janet would take a break from her longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, because their efforts are just getting staler and staler as the years go on. Maybe with some fresh new input Janet could make the album she's supposed to make, not space fillers like this garbage.

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