Sunday, March 23, 2008

2007 Diva Cup Awards: Best Quote/Line Reading

And the nominees are...

"How could they forget Vietnam?"
(Julie Christie, Away From Her)

A haunting moment of clarity; if Fiona can see this connection, why are we still over in Iraq?

"I don't know what melodramatic means..."
(James Marsden, Enchanted)

There were so many great line readings from James Marsden in Enchanted that it was hard to narrow it down (I almost went with "Giselle!" or "Thank you for taking care of my bride, peasants."), but then I remembered that this is the one that made me laugh hardest so I went with it.

"I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!"
(Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood)

An instantly iconic line that could be seen as out of place, but delivered with so much power by Day-Lewis that it works.

"I love you. Come back...come back to me."
(Keira Knightley, Atonement)

When Nicole Kidman delivered practically the same line in Cold Mountain, it came off as cartoonish, a way to write off the entire mess of a film. But when Keira Knightley says it this time around, the simple words turn into an eloquent cry for love.

"Whoa, dream big!"
(Ellen Page, Juno)

There were many lines to pick from, but Page, with that unique comic timing, makes this inconsequential line pop and sizzle with energy.

If Only There Were Six: "I am very, very sorry for the distress that I have caused" (Romola Garai, Atonement) Briony's been practicing this line over and over again, but still manages to mess up. A brilliant reading from Garai.

Rest of the Top 10:
"I think I may be beginning to disappear" (Julie Christie, Away From Her)..."You were never in the fucking KGB" (Naomi Watts, Eastern Promises)..."Well, the funny thing about my back is that it's located on my cock" (Jonah Hill, Superbad)..."'Detroit sound?' What's that- the cries of people being mugged?" (Michelle Pfeiffer, Hairspray)

"I don't know what melodramatic means..."

"How could they forget Vietnam?"

"I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!"


J.D. said...

"Whoa, dream big!" might be my favorite part of Juno, of everything in it. Gawd, Ellen did it brilliantly.

DL said...

I think my favourite Juno quote has to be Olivia Thirlby's: "Yea-ah, desperately seeking spawn." Or Page's "Thundercats are go!!" Or Garner's "How do I look?" (quickyly replied with Janney's "Like a new mom. Scared shitless.") Or Page's "You should've gone to China, you know, 'cause I hear they give away babies like free iPods. You know, they pretty much just put them in those t-shirt guns and shoot them out at sporting events." God, there are so many too choose from. :P

My favourite line reading in any movie last year though was probably Julie Christie's. "I'd like to make love, and then I'd like you to go. Because I need to stay here and if you make it hard for me, I may cry so hard I'll never stop." (The one they used in all her awards clips.) So brilliant. So heartbreaking.

Dame James Henry said...

DL: I loved that Julie Christie quote when I first saw the movie, but once they started playing it over and over again at all the awards shows, I got really sick of it and it seemed less special. Maybe in a few months I'll love it again...who knows.