Thursday, September 18, 2008

To James Marsden, On His 35th Birthday

I love you, Mr. Marsden. It's as simple as that. How can it be that I'm more attracted to you at 35 than when you were in your 20's? You are one lucky (and sexy) son of a bitch, Mr. Marsden. Happy Birthday!

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J.D. said...

35?! WOWZA.

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

R.O.A.D. Fan said...

You are so right. His rendition of the song and dance that opens the "Corny Collins Show" in last year's release of the remake of "Hairspray" was really the only part of the remake that stayed with me and was the the only thing I purely and totally enjoyed about that watered-down gruellingly p.c. remake. I mean, it was cute to see John Travolta dancing in high heels as a fat housewife, but it was James Marsden's picture-perfectly beaming, spot-on Crest with Flouride whitened look mom no cavities teeth that blew me away. He's just great. Its actually the only reason to buy that DVD so you can play it over and over a bunch of times and laugh and stare and love me totally.