Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In Like With the New 90210

So, the new 90210 premiered last week to huge ratings (well, for the CW anyways) and generally decent reviews that were basically glad the show wasn't a huge bomb. I've already shared my excitement about the new series, so did the show meet my expectations? Yes...no....maybe? Here's my list of pros and cons about the premiere.

+Mr. Matthews (Ryan Eggold) can keep me after school anytime for a little one-on-one time, if you know what I mean.

+The insult "bitchlips" has been added to my vocabulary. And there never seems to be an inappropriate time to call someone that.

+Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) is the most extraordinary, fiercest, dramatic, over-the-top creation since the re-invention of Tyra Banks. Seriously, how can you hate a woman this devoted to being the biggest bitch in West Beverly High (and, somehow, doesn't seem to be that horrible). And, as a bonus, that scene in the bar contained the greatest homage to 80's hair since Amanda Overmyer last year on American Idol.

-They totally pissed all over the original theme song. In updating it for today's teens, they took out all of the cheesy epic-ness that made it so compulsively listenable.

-Except for Naomi and the grandmother, the characters are all kind of one-dimensional and boring. I'm already sick of Annie and Dixon's goodie two-shoes act, Silver has the potential to be interesting but she's not there yet, the most interesting thing about Ethan is that he got a blow job before school on the morning of Annie and Dixon's arrival, Adrianna's (I think that's her name...the one with the lead in the school play) problems are just too weird to even start discussing and the mom and dad are definitely no Sandy and Kirsten Cohen.

-I wish they would just get on with the Jeannie Garth/Shannen Doherty storyline. I guess it would mean more if I was super familiar with the original series, but it just reeks of the shameless.

The Verdict: It's no Gossip Girl yet, but it has the potential to get better. If Naomi gets to do more fabulously bitchy things a la Blair Waldorff and the rest of the cast becomes more interesting, 90210 could be just as big as GG.

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