Thursday, October 16, 2008

In Bed With Jamie Bell

I know this isn't news to some people, but I've just realized that Jamie Bell is freaking gorgeous.

The sad news: I've seen exactly three of his movies and they're not the ones you'd expect. The first was King Kong, which he's in for approximately 1.5% of the total length of the film. Then, Flags of Our Fathers and I honestly can't remember him in it at all (Sorry!). Finally, I just saw him in the abysmal Jumper and he was, by a very long mile, the best thing in that awful movie. I can't believe I haven't seen Billy Elliot yet; I think I need to remedy that immediately.


J.D. said...


But HUZZAH @ your revelation despite.

Glenn said...

Indeed, see Billy Elliot pronto. Bell has the ability to routinely be the best thing in a lot of his movies. Undertow, Dear Wendy, Chumscrubber, etc.

Also, Bell gave me and my best friend an amazing running joke due to his role in Flags of Our Fathers. There was one bit where Ryan Phillippe's character was running around trying to find Bell's character (Iggy) and he starts crying out "IIIGGGGGYYYYYYYYY!" and it was hilarious. We'd just scream "IIGGGGYYYY!" at really random and inappropriate times.

Okay, so maybe you had to be there.

Vera said...

Let me just say these few things about Jamie Bell-
1) Jamie Bell in Billy Elliot is just about the most brilliant thing ever. The first time I saw Billy Elliot I cried for the last 15 minutes. The second time I saw it I cried through the whole damn movie.
2) 1.5% of King Kong is still like, what? 65 minutes?
3) Get your hands on Undertow. Not only is he pretty amazing in it, but he is THE SEX. THE SEX I'm telling you.