Friday, October 24, 2008

What a Shock to the System: Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother Found Dead

I interrupt all of the HSM3 festivities with this heartbreaking news I've just found out. While checking my email, I ran across this story about the death of Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother and the kidnapping of her nephew. I'm sitting here now and I can barely comprehend what just happened. It's all too sad and horrific to imagine. This is something that no person, famous or not, should ever have to go through. I just want Jennifer to know that my thoughts are with her and her family during these trying times.

UPDATE: I've just done some research and TMZ reports that Jennifer's sister, Julia, the mother of the missing boy, hasn't been seen since finishing her bus driving shift earlier this afternoon. Shit. This family doesn't need any more tragedy today.

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