Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leanne is the Project Runway Winner!


I've loved you all season and I was hoping that you would pull it off in the finale. Of course you did and you were rightly crowned the winner of season 5. It's about time that I actually agree with the damn show about who should win after the Michael and Christian debacles in the previous two seasons. In case you missed the show (or just want to relive the glory) here are some of Leanne's best designs from her wave-inspired collection.

Aren't they so dramatic?


Glenn said...

That last model is always there!

r.o.a.d. fan said...

I didn't think the talent this year (Project Runway - Season 5) was, overall, as strong as last year. I don't know what your thoughts on Christian (the winner from Season 4) was but I thought that Christian was the rightful winner. In him its easy to see an emerging talent that could possibly be on par one day with some of the greatest fashion has to offer - assumming he continues to grow and to allow himself to learn from others too.

As far as this year, I think that the judges got it right too, Leanne isn't the born natural talent that Christian was from last season but she seems to have a point of view all her own and I think she will have a nice career in fashion assumming she continues to try and broaden her work as she matures. I think she will always attract a following but she will need to have some kind of internal "talent awakening or talent explosion" that would take her up to the next level. Whereas, I believe Christian has already got that inate "it" quality of someone with born natural talent just waiting to be exploited.

Also, I think that the first runner up this year, Kotoko (sp?) has more natural talent than Leanne but unfortunately K. has burdened herself with too much emotion and too much trying to be someone who represents her "heritage" and "mommyness" (African-American, good mother to daughter, and other role-model-y kind of stuff etc...) that she denys her talent to explode in all its fullness in whatever way it would go naturally. If she would throw off her pre-conceived notions of what she thinks she ought to be and just let herself flow with her creativity no matter where it goes, I think she has real potential to be a major fashion designer at a higher level than Leanne.

Dame James Henry said...

I really can't stand Christian. Not only is he an annoying gay stereotype who gives us all a bad name, but, by the end, all of his clothes had the same pattern to them: dramatic collar, ruffles, tight pants and/or vest. It was all just too much.

I do think that Korto has a lot of potential too. Her stuff was simply beautiful on the runway. But, yeah, I see where you're going with her trying too hard to represent her heritage. If she relaxes a tad, she will be huge like Leanne will be.