Sunday, October 19, 2008

Confession Sundays

For the lapsed Catholic in all of us- a new series in which I confess my deepest, darkest secrets before Oprah and The Madonna and wait for my atonement.

I like one Nickelback song.

I know, right? It's a proven fact that Nickelback is the worst band in the history of music. Every time I hear "How You Remind Me", "Rockstar", "Photograph", "If Everyone Cared", "Far Away" or "Savin' Me" a little piece of me wants to die. Or just bang my head through a concrete wall. But, they do have one halfway decent song that, somehow, among the many piles of turds that they've released during the course of their soulless career, gets ignored. The song is "Too Bad" and it was released right after the mega-success of "How You Remind Me" (their breakthrough in America). It figures, however, that the one song I like of theirs is the one that wasn't played every 14 minutes on the radio. That's probably for the better because I can now listen to it and not want to swallow a bottle of asprin.

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