Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God You Guys! Only 2 Days Until High School Musical 3: Senior Year!

Can you believe that we've finally gotten to this point? It seems like forever since I first started anticipating the third installment of High School Musical and know it's soooo close. To tide you over until Friday, here's a hilarious interview between my number one dream couple, Zac Efron and La Tisdale. If nothing else, it's more proof that these two are perfect for each other. Why can't they see that?

Choice Quips:

1. La Tisdale: "This is so confusing!"
2. Zac: "I have a great random question: Why are there lockers behind us? We're in a hotel room."
3. Zac: "And you got a lot better, 'cause in the first movie you were...alright."
La Tisdale: "Thanks. Yeah, you did too."
4. Zac: "Literally, in the first movie, it was like set up a camera, we've got five minutes to get this. Dance. Now we have actual setups...and lighting."
La Tisdale: "Lighting?"
Zac: "I'm dead serious. We didn't necessarily have that in the first two. Sometimes, he's just like, 'Where's the sun?'"
5. La Tisdale: "But I do love the basketball number, because you're all sweaty and everything."
Zac: "Thanks, Ashley"
La Tisdale: "No, because you look so good. You look like you're really playing basketball."
6. La Tisdale: "I realized the last couple of the days that I get really nervous around you...I actually drink a lot of water; that calms my nerves."
Zac: "Yeah, 'cause you're peeing all the time. You pee out the nerves."

Who knew that Zac Efron was such a sarcastic bastard? It makes me love him more. And La Tisdale is as fun and down to earth as ever. I really want her to be my BFF.


J.D. said...

Somebody wants a three-way... ;)

Dame James Henry said...

Who in their right mind wouldn't? They're both gorgeous!

Marcy said...

Thanks for posting this interview! They are perfect for each other.

JillyBean said...

Why the fuck does he look like a lumberjack again?

He should just stop wearing shirts.

Dame James Henry said...

Jill: Agreed. That's always been his best look. Maybe he's like Channing Tatum in that his acting talent increases proportionally to the amount of time he has his shirt off in a movie.